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TUR insert

TUR insert

Intended use
Med/TUR175™ LF inserts are intended to be used for applying reusable surgical drapes for TUR-surgery (transurethral resection) or surgery of the prostate or the bladder. The inserts can easily be taped over a tailored contour in the drape. This allows protection of the patient and it creates a sterile and hygienic operating environment.

Product description
Med/TUR175™ LF inserts are a latex-free finger sheath provided with 100% wash-soluble adhesive. The finger sheaths are tear-resistant, suitable for steam sterilization and they return to their original state after stretching. During steam sterilization, the adhesive achieves its ultimate adhesive strength, ensuring very strong adhesion between the drape and the insert.


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Product name Product code Color Dimensions Appliance Type Elasticity Skin side adhesive strength Carrier Drape side adhesive strength Solubility of the tape construction MVTR (1)
Med/TUR175™ E10 LF 10cm x 10cm | Tape W = 2cm | sheath L= 9cm x W = 3,5cm
Med/TUR175™ E18 LF 18cm x 18cm | Tape W = 4cm | sheath L= 9cm x W = 3,5cm

1. Finger cot         
2. Adhesive
3. Release liner

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