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Intended use
OP-Tape is intended to be used for applying reusable surgical drapes to the patient’s skin in order to create a sterile and hygienic operating environment. After use, the drape is processed in the laundry, during which the tape is removed from the textile. After this process new tape can be applied to the drapes.

Product description
OP-Tapes are double sided tapes consisting of a carrier of which both sides are coated with a solvent free and water free, pressure sensitive hotmelt adhesive.


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*** high ** meduim * low
1) All non-soluble skin side adhesives are resistant to alcohol disinfectants.
2) All wash soluble adhesives are not resistant to alcohol disinfectants. We advise to only apply the tape to fully dried skin.
3) The PET carriers with the non-soluble adhesive wrapped inside, need to be removed after the washing process.
4) The Med/PE175+ (yellow) is specifically designed for drape-to-drape applications. For example for instrument pouches. Its PET carrier needs to be removed after the washing process.
5) Wash soluble means that the tape is soluble in an alkaline containing solution, such as water and caustic soda.

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