Eurotape DOT master

Product description:
Eurotape DOT-Master™ is an innovative repair system for medical fabrics and developed as an alternative to conventional Repair Patches.

The Eurotape DOT-Master™-v2 is a pneumatic repair system, with which it is possible to permanently repair medical fabric damages by means of a tiny dot of 2-component silicone mass.


  • Repairs holes and damages up to 5 mm
  • Suitable for the repair of medical fabrics

Advantages compared to conventional patch systems:

  • Better textural appearance and grip
  • Innovative and unique system
  • Longer duration of the textile
  • Unilateral application for gowns and drapes
  • More economical from 10 - 15.000 repairs per year

Availability of the Eurotape DOT-Master™:

  • On a rental base with a minimum duration of one year
  • Purchase base


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