Flexible fenestration

Intended use
SteriStretch inserts are intended to be used for application to disposable surgical drapes. The inserts can easily be taped over a tailored contour in the drape. This allows protection of the patient and it creates a sterile and hygienic operating environment.

Product description                                                                                                             
SteriStretch inserts are latex-free sheets with an opening. The sheets are provided with adhesive. The inserts are available in different sizes.


  • Makes it possible to protect the patient with a single drape.
  • The inserts are 100% latex free.
  • The inserts are not adversely affected by sterilization.
  • The inserts return to their original state after stretching.
  • The inserts are biocompatible.
  • Custom dimensions are available on request.
  • Sheets without adhesive are available on request.


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Product Name DimensionsAppliance
SteriStretch® 10-415SteriStretch® 10-41510 x 10cm / Ø 4x 15mmFor Rochard drapes
SteriStretch® 18-06SteriStretch® 18-0618 x 18cm / Ø 6mmFor endoscopy surgery
SteriStretch® 30-30SteriStretch® 30-3030 x 30cm / Ø 3,0cmFor hand/wrist surgery
SteriStretch® 30-35SteriStretch® 30-3530 x 30cm / Ø 3,5cmFor hand/wrist surgery
SteriStretch® 30-42SteriStretch® 30-4230 x 30cm / Ø 4,2cmFor hand/wrist/knee surgery
SteriStretch® 30-65SteriStretch® 30-6530 x 30cm / Ø 6,5cmFor knee surgery
SteriStretch® 35-30SteriStretch® 35-3035 x 35cm / Ø 3,0cmFor hand/wrist surgery
SteriStretch® 35-42SteriStretch® 35-4235 x 35cm / Ø 4,2cmFor hand/wrist/knee surgery
SteriStretch® 35-65SteriStretch® 35-6535 x 35cm / Ø 6,5cmFor knee surgery
SteriStretch® 35-80SteriStretch® 35-8035 x 35cm / Ø 8,0cmFor knee surgery
SteriStretch® 40-42SteriStretch® 40-4240 x 40cm / Ø 4,2cmFor hand/wrist/knee surgery
SteriStretch® 3560-245SteriStretch® 3560-24535 x 60cm / Ø 2 x 4,5cmFor bi-lateral foot surgery
SteriStretch® 4060-15SteriStretch® 4060-1540 x 60cm / Ø 15cmFor hip surgery
SteriStretch® 3940-140SteriStretch® 3940-14039 x 40cm / oval Ø 139,7mmFor shoulder surgery


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