Pre-cut - Medical tape

Intended use
SteriShape™ die-cuts are intended to be used for applying reusable drapes to the patient’s skin in order to create a sterile and hygienic operating environment.

Product description
SteriShape™ die-cuts are pre-cut OR-tapes especially designed for covering systems for specialized surgery (e.g. eye or cardiac surgery). These die-cuts are made using Eurotape's proven OR-tapes, providing a safe and secure way of sealing the operating area. The adhesives are pressure and temperature sensitive and completely soluble on the textile side during the washing process. On the patient side it has a disinfectant resistant adhesive coating which is not soluble but does not leave any residual on the drape.


  • During surgery, the tape is unaffected by body fluids and other fluids used during surgery.
  • Coated with two special types of adhesive, this tape ensures both maximum performance during surgical procedures, as well as easy solvability during the washing process in the laundry.
  • The bonding strength of the employed adhesives is not adversely affected by sterilization and the tape reaches its ultimate adhesive strength on the textile side after steam sterilization.
  • The die-cuts are biocompatible.
  • Custom dimensions are available on request.


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Product Name DimensionsAppliance
SteriShape™ DC-xxxSteriShape™ DC-xxx10 x 12cm / Ø 5x7cm
12 x 14,5cm / Ø 5x7cm
15 x 17cm / Ø8,5x13cm
17 x 21cm / Ø8,5x13cm
For ophthalmological or cardiac surgery
SteriShape™ DC-xxx 2SteriShape™ DC-xxx 212 x 15cm / Ø 8,0cm
15 x 16cm / Ø 9,0cm
16 x 16cm / Ø6,0cm
For ophthalmological surgery
SteriShape™ DC-xxx 3SteriShape™ DC-xxx 320 x 20cm / Ø 11cm
20 x 20cm / Ø 12cm
22 x 22cm / Ø8,4cm
22 x 22cm / Ø11,7cm
For cardiac surgery
SteriShape™ DC-xxx 4SteriShape™ DC-xxx 415 x 15cm / Ø 8,0cm / 2x 1/2 / 2xFLTwo half die-cuts to increase or decrease the size of the hole
SteriShape™ DC-xxx 5SteriShape™ DC-xxx 520 x 20cm / 10cm
20 x 25cm / 10x15cm
22 x 22cm / 12cm
General purpose die-cut
SteriShape™ DC/RT-xxxSteriShape™ DC/RT-xxx9,5 x 17,5cm (tape = 4,5cm)Special die-cut for textile with a diamond shaped embroidered opening
SteriShape™ DC-xxx 7SteriShape™ DC-xxx 712,3 x 16,7cm set of 2 pcsFor U-drapes
SteriShape™ DC-PEH533SteriShape™ DC-PEH53322 x 22cm / Ø11,7cm For cardiac surgery. With this version, the closed release liner stays on the die-cut until use in the OR


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