Interview with Ruud Haakman – Production Manager

How do you look back on 2020?
With very mixed feelings. The first months of the year went well, and it promised to be a good year for the company. However, corona threw a spanner in the works, forcing the office staff to work from home. Production was ready for the future, but the orders dried up. Initially, it was difficult to find a new balance, and production also had to adapt to the changed situation. After all, production workers had to work on site to continue producing. In order to provide everyone a safe working environment, various measures were taken, such as rescheduling shifts, no longer switching operators at the production machines and a prevention officer who disinfected everything properly. Now the first wave is behind us, and there is gradually more understanding for the situation. We now see that people are quicker to help each other and that is good for solidarity.

What do you expect in your job in 2021?
Along with all the production personnel, I am concentrating fully on improvements and adaptations to machines. Once everything is back to normal, we want to be able to respond more quickly to customer requests and reduce delivery times. As a team, we are fully confident that we have a bright future ahead of us, which is why we will continue to optimise processes in various departments and invest in new technologies.
In production, we have appointed several teams to scrutinise certain products and improve them where possible. The new WMS (warehouse management system) is already working well, and by the end of this year we also want to have the production module fully implemented and in use. We are also tentatively looking at a customer portal... more details to follow!


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