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People of Eurotape - Corona pandemic

  1. How did the pandemic affect your daily work?
  2. How do you look back on this period?
  3. Give a positive consequence, for you personally, of the “intelligent lockdown”.

Justyna Paul – R&D and QC Engineer

  1. My colleague and I divided the lab work to respect the measures taken due to Corona. We were present one at the time to perform the necessary quality tests. I worked from home two days a week. It created space for other work such as reporting on existing projects and online research on lab equipment like GPC and GCMS. These devices are used for advanced adhesive testing.
  2. It was a period of uncertainty and unrest because nobody was able to predict the impact. I found that hard sometimes, but Eurotape took extra hygiene measures and facilitated in working from home. Surfaces were desinfected several times a day, the social distance rule of 1,5m was respected and hand alcohol was available in every working space. Everything was organised properly.
  3. I spent more quality time with my family by staying home. Together we made walks or cycling tours and other sport activities. It also created room to refurbish parts of the house. In a way I feel more relaxed now.

 Emin Kesmen – Coater machine operator

  1. We had shifted working hours in production having only one operator for each machine. Production activities were not affected due to this measure. Each department had an improvised private changing room for maximum two operators. We had alternate breaks to keep 1,5m distance at the lunch table. It was very clear and well organised for everyone.
  2. The restricted freedom to maintain social contacts bothered me. It was notable among colleagues too, everybody kept distant and was very careful. A lot of communication was by phone and everything had to be planned in advance. It caused a lack of spontaneity.
  3. Ramadan took place exactly during the lock down. It gave more room for self-reflection, peace and quiet. And also for more family activities indoors. Actually, this is how Ramadan is meant to be. I have experienced it more intense than previous years

 Carla Kroon – Office manager

  1. I worked from my office every day of the week. As I am the only person who has a desk in the reception area it was not hard to keep distance to other colleagues. Trade shows and events were cancelled and customer visits postponed. Therefore I had to cancel many tickets and hotel reservations. It became a daily task to request for money refund or vouchers. I was also responsible for the stock of disinfection supplies such as soap, hand alcohol, toilet paper etc. This was a challenge since many articles were sold out quickly.
  2. The start was chaotic and unsure, nobody knew in which direction the situation was going. The question “what to do if I or one of my colleagues gets sick” kept my mind busy. Following the RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and Environment) guidelines was top priority. I found it very quiet in the company as many people were working from home or in shifts. We also did not receive any visitors.
  3. No traffic jams on my way home, less social obligations and weekends dedicated to my family. We also gave our house a nice makeover. However, I find a so called lock down not positive at all because elderly people feel isolated, the economy collapses and public health remains uncertain until a vaccine is available.


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